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The region of Epirus is a region in the northwest of Greece that includes the most beautiful and famous areas in Greece, Zagoria and Tzoumerka.

This area in northern Greece is full of rivers, lakes, waterfalls and breathtaking nature. Epirus is located between Macedonia and the Ionian Sea. Most of Epirus is mountainous, while along the Ionian coast it has some lovely beaches and seaside towns. In order to go on a trip to the area of ​​northern Greece, you will have to fly to Athens or Thessaloniki, rent a car and drive about 5 hours to the final destination.


Ioannina - the seventh largest city in Greece

Ioannina, the capital of the Epirus district and the seventh largest in Greece. The city is located on the shore of the beautiful Pamvodita lake and is considered a bustling city full of young students who come to study at the city’s largest university. In the city you will find a long history, museums, beautiful alleys, good restaurants, bars and cafes. Ioannina is undoubtedly a city that you should visit, even if for a few hours, but I would recommend that you stay there for at least one night and enjoy the city’s bustling nightlife.


Where to sleep in Ioannina?

In Ioannina, as in all of northern Greece, there are many and varied accommodation options, those that are more suitable for families, those that are suitable for adults only, and there are also those with a pool that everyone will be happy to indulge in.

Get to know The Lake Hotel, a 5-star hotel suitable for couples and families. The hotel is located near Pamvotida Lake, it offers 40 large and spacious rooms, a seasonal and luxurious swimming pool, a bar next to the pool with drinks and snacks and free bicycles for its guests. The hotel is highly recommended for those who want to combine trips in the Zagoria area of ​​Greece with a pampering hote..

If you are looking for a hotel for couples, get to know the Lithia Hotel . A charming boutique hotel in a perfect location on the street parallel to the cafes and restaurants sitting by the lake. The rooms are charming, the hosts are cordial and the breakfast at the hotel is excellent. It is highly recommended.

Ioannina for the traveler

One of the most fun things to do in Northern Greece and Ioannina in particular is to travel. Whether it’s along the lake, in the alleys, or in the old city. The culinary scene in Ioannina is amazing so of course it is recommended to combine your visit to the city with sitting in the local cafes and taverns. The atmosphere in Ioannina is bustling and young, in the evenings the pubs and places of entertainment are full of people, so you can find yourself spending a few days in the city for fun.


The Synagogue in Ioannina and the Jewish Quarter

Ioannina has an impressive Jewish history, but today a small community of less than 50 people lives there.  All the remaining Jews in the city live in the same building except for two.

The Synagogue of Ioannina is one of the most exciting places to visit in the city. It is located in the heart of the old city. Although it is not a magnificent synagogue like the synagogues we know from some cities in Europe, it has charm. In addition to a collection of ancient lamps, you will find marble plaques commemorating the names of the Jews who perished in the Holocaust. The Jewish Quarter – The quarter used to be the Jewish quarter. It is recommended to walk along it, as it is considered one of the most beautiful and colorful streets in the city.


Northern Greece for the traveler - sailing and a trip along the lake in Ioannina

As you already know, Ioannina is located on the shore of the lake in the northern part of Greece, and one of the famous attractions in the city is to take a walk, run or bike ride around the lake. You can also take a takeaway of fresh Greek pastry from the bakery (spanakopita for example), an iced cappuccino and sit on the lawns by the lake.

Another recommended attraction around the lake is a 10-minute boat ride to the island in the heart of the lake. The cost of the cruise is about 2 euros per person. On the island you will see beautiful alleys, souvenir shops, restaurants and a church. A recommended experience for the whole family especially when the weather is nice in the city of Ioannina.

Where to eat in Ioannina?

HBH Restaurant – if you like home-cooked food, this is the place for you! There are amazing dishes here and super comforting and delicious food. 

seirios – a tavern with amazing Greek food. Don’t miss their wonderful cheese balls. 

Mavili Cafe – a nice cafe with a view of the river, sandwiches, cakes and great coffee. 

litharitsia – a cool rooftop in Ioannina with a stunning view, cocktails and goodies.

A trip in northern Greece - from Ioannina to Zagoria

A trip from Ioannina to the rural area of ​​Zagoria, Greece, where we will be staying, takes about an hour and a quarter. The roads are comfortable and the roads are beautiful. Say goodbye to all the many young guys you met in Ioannina and hello to the cute village women who will welcome you with love in the ancient and beautiful villages of Zagoria. Here, don’t expect particularly bustling places and a lot of hustle and bustle. Those who come here mainly come to soak up the peace, the local culture, the mesmerizing nature and the wonderful local food.


On top of the water of Rogovo Pools

On top of the water of Rogovo is a charming route that is suitable for the whole family. It is located between the villages of Papigo and Mikro Papigo. The route passes along natural pools of water that are pleasant to refresh yourself in in the summer. At the end of the route you will reach a charming hidden waterfall. Walk carefully, part of the walk is right on the sides of the pools. Don’t forget to take sports shoes with you to the track.

Papigo & Mikro Papigo

Papigo and Mikro Papigo are two charming villages in the northern part of Greece adjacent to each other. Stone houses, narrow alleys, good taverns and recommended places to stay. Cobbled streets, magnificent mansions, beautiful fountains and ancient Byzantine churches, the traditional local architecture gives the village a special atmosphere.

A highly recommended hotel in Papigo – Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel & Spa

Vikos Canyon - an amazing view

Vikos Canyon is a spectacularly beautiful canyon in which the water flows throughout the year. In 1997, the canyon was declared in the Guinness Book of Records as the narrowest deep canyon in the world. The observation point on the Canyon is charming and worth a visit. In order to reach the observation point, enter the name Vikos on google map, park the car at the entrance to the village and walk a few meters towards the observation point.


Aristi is a very famous village in the Zagoria region of northern Greece, with charming places to stay, restaurants and many attractions around. Aristi is an excellent place to base yourself on a star trip in the Zagoria area. Aristi’s main square has several traditional cafes, from which you can admire the impressive church and its tall bell tower.

אריסטי יוון

If you are in Aristi, don’t miss the tavern En Aristi. An amazing tavern serving extremely delicious traditional food. There I ate one of the most delicious cheese pies I’ve ever eaten.

Where to sleep in Aristi?

Aristi Mountain Resort – a magical resort in the center of the town of Aristi. The resort is open all year round and offers a great experience to its guests. It includes rooms for couples, family rooms and luxurious suites. The restaurant at the “Salvia” hotel offers traditional dishes from the local cuisine. The resort also provides the only spa in the area, with a heated indoor pool overlooking the surrounding mountains and villages.

Artsistas Houses – a charming guest house that offers spacious and luxurious accommodation units in a rustic and warm design.

אריסטי יוון

voidomatis River

The Voidomatis River flows past the villages in Zagoria. The river is considered one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Greece in general and in the Northern Greece region in particular. It is characterized by the traditional stone bridges along it and also by its clean water. It won the title of the cleanest and clearest river in Europe. On summer days it is recommended to come with a bathing suit and wade in the cold water (for the brave only) because it is at a temperature of 7 degrees! You can also go rafting in the river.

צפון יוון

From Zagoria to Tzoumerka

Getting from Zagoria to the Tzoumerka area takes about two and a half hours. If you sleep in Ioannina, the trip from there to Tzoumerka, Greece will take you an hour and a half. You can decide the order of the trip according to your convenience, it doesn’t matter so much if you start in Tzoumerka or Zagoria, both options are good.

צפון יוון

Anavasi Hotel

The Anavasi Hotel is housed in a traditional stone building and features an indoor swimming pool and terraces with mountain views. Accommodation at the hotel includes a pampering and fresh breakfast buffet made every morning by Dina, the owner of the place who bakes local pastries. The hotel is excellent for those who want to settle for a few days in Tzoumerka and go to the Tzoumerka area in Greece as a tourist.

Arachthos River

The 100-kilometer-long Arachthos River is the 8th largest river in Greece. The water in it flows all year round. Arachthos offers great entertainment options. Its banks surrounded by forests, springs with clear water, amazing hills and canyons are ideal for hiking trails as well as rafting at different levels of difficulty. Rafting in Arachthos is one of the recommended experiences in the northern part of Greece. We did it with AlpineZone.


Kipina Monastery

One of the most impressive monasteries in northern Greece in terms of its architecture is the Kipina Monastery in the village of Claritas in Tzoumerka. A building from the 13th century. Once you get there, you’ll see the impressive thing going on in its construction. This special monastery is actually stuck in a rock, on a steep slope. During the Turkish occupation it was the hiding place of the Greeks. You will see in the temple a wooden door leading to the cave, it used to be a place of refuge. Inside you can admire wall paintings from the 17th century. The view from Kipina Monastery is breathtaking.

מנזר קיפינה

Northern Greece for travelers - Kouiassa Springs

Kouiassa springs is one of the most beautiful and famous routes in Tzoumerka. If you come to the northern part of Greece, without a doubt a visit to the springs is a must. A trip to northern Greece includes a walk in a forest that looks like it was taken from a fairy tale, green vegetation enveloping the trees, waterfalls along the way, strawberries to eat, butterflies of all kinds of colors and all of these are accompanied by the sound of water from the river flowing down. The route is suitable for the whole family, it is of easy difficulty. After you finish your trip to the springs, you can sit in a cafe next to the falls and enjoy an iced coffee and a delicious cake.

Grand Forest Metsovo Hotel

The Grand Forest Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in northern Greece. A 5-star hotel with a pampering spa complex, a chef’s restaurant, a seasonal outdoor pool and magnificent rooms. The hotel is located near the beautiful town of Metsovo. You can read about Grand Forest in detail in the article I prepared about Meteora.

מלון גראנד פורסט


The town of Metsovo is a popular tourist destination known mostly for their unique and colorful hand-woven textiles. In the center of the town you will find several authentic taverns, shops selling handicrafts, boutique shops and delicatessens. The town is picturesque and worth a visit.

מצובו יוון

You can combine your vacation in northern Greece with the Pelion peninsula if you have enough days.

כמה מילים לסיכום

Northern Greece is a very special destination and different from the other places in Greece. It is full of nature and suitable for those who are looking for a vacation that includes routes, landscapes and hiking.

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